Ball-Type Grease NipplesType C (K3) DIN 3402 90°

Ball-Type grease nipples type C (K3) DIN 3402 90°

Ball-Type Grease NipplesType C (K3) DIN 3402 90° 

SANLI ball-type nipples are suitable for all standard lubrication points, which have to be frequently lubricated in a reliably way. They are more and more often replaced by hyraulic-type grease nipples according to DIN 71412 due to their manifold application purposes.
In general, our ball-type grease nipples according to DIN are made of steel, zinc-plated and passivated, and they are featured with a tapered thread.
The head diameter is 6.5 (-0.2) mm /0.256″ – 0.008″.
We offer various standard types also in brass or stainless steel V2A/V4A. Of course, our ball-type grease nipples are also available in different angle versions, or as drive-in type.
Upon request, SANLI manufactures ball-type nipples in further versions, with respect to e. g.
thread size
thread form (e. g. with cylindrical thread)

different opening pressure
surface colour (e. g. yellow passivated)
further surface treatment


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